Our last night in Gurgaon

We spent a wonderful day at the office getting to know one of our key managers, who also put together an impromptu lunch with her team. It was great to get to know them and also a little amusing because they had a complement of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. And as it turned out, all the women ate at one end (the vegetarians) and all the men ate at the other. Tracy, having been ‘mostly vegetarian’ since arriving, ate with the men that day.

After work, we had a really great dinner at the Seasonal restaurant in the Westin; a buffet of Chinese, Indian, kabobs, everything you can imagine. We had the restaurant’s version of street food, which Indians refer to as small plates of savory snacks called chaat. We had the most amazing papdi chaat that included the papdis (fried flour crispies made of chickpeas, potatoes and pakoris (fried black gram fritters)) broken up as a base with everything piled on top from some type of seed, small chunks of potatoes and tomatoes, chick peas, generous portions of curd (yogurt), mint and tamarind sauces, all topped with pomegranate. The flavors were AMAZING!

So, we were so blown away by the great taste that the waiter (remember this was a buffet) brought us some pani puri, fried crispy shells filled with potato that you add either sweet or salty liquid (chili or tamarind) to and pop them in your mouth. Really interesting! The staff were fabulous and kept bringing us interesting things to eat … I guess they were intrigued because we would try anything and exclaim wildly!!

pani puri

pani puri

The dinner was terrific and then Tracy left for the airport to fly to Singapore and back to the US.

I spent the morning on Saturday at the Heavenly Spa, where I scheduled a pedicure and was quickly talked into a massage and a facial. How could I not? The total for all three was Rs 6,500 ($116 US).

I left for Kochi and arrived at Le Meridien where I spent the evening trying to get myself organized. I ended up in a room on the 5th floor, just down from the Fitness Center and I can’t wait to tell my sister that I actually spent an hour there this afternoon! (I have to work off all this food we ate over the past two weeks!)

So it’s off to work tomorrow (Monday, 6 August) where I’ll be spending some serious time over the next few weeks, so it may be awhile before my next update and frankly, it may not be quite as exciting … BUT I promise to tell you about the driving, honestly!


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